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We believe in the transformative power of shared knowledge (not hidden behind a paywall).

About us

Bigger Sister Channel is a peer-to-peer education & development platform for sex workers, by sex workers. We work with community contributors and curate educational content that’s inclusive, engaging and easy to understand: practical advice that can be put into action

Skills to pay the bills. Bigger Sister — no B.S.

Listen to our Researcher Tilly introduce: who Bigger Sister is, the reason we’re here, and how we plan to set you up for success

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Introducing our Programs

The skills to pay the bills.

Everything you should have learned at school and more. Our economic empowerment program is designed to provide foundational in-depth training specifically for sex workers and troubleshooting through our unique challenges. This program helps you navigate a hostile and confusing financial framework and improves your financial wellbeing by putting you on the path for financial freedom.

Ask Us Anything

Questions submitted will be answered every Tuesday

Do you have a sex work related question?

Our Ask Us Anything feature offers any sex worker the opportunity to pose an anonymous question about anything to do with the industry. With our collective 50+ years industry experience, there’s hardly a question we can’t answer.

Skillsharing workshops on community-led topics to top-up the trickbag.

Dealing out tricks of the trade.

Workshops run once a month in-person or online, with a different “Bigger Sister” host for each session. We want to convert all workshops into digital resources to be readily accessible and available in our online library. Be sure to check out our upcoming workshops and futureproofed workshops.

Upcoming Workshops

Intro to EOFY taxes

with Seth Patel
In-person, Melbourne
May 3rd


Intro to tax is an introductory workshop run by qualified accountant Seth Patel just prior to the end of the financial year, where you can come and ask all of your tax related questions.

Want to know about the different taxes applicable and claim the maximum deductions for our industry? Come join us at the workshop.

Diving deeper into Super

with Seth Patel
In-person, Melbourne
June 11th


Diving deeper into super is a more detailed look into superannuacti0n run by qualified accountant Seth Patel just prior to the end of the financial year, where you can come and ask all of your super related questions.

A deep dive into the mechanics and benefits of Super, focusing on self managed super funds, how to set them up, how to invest, manage them and more.

ROUNDTABLE: Touring 101

Roundtable discussion
Online, Google Meets
May 22nd

1-3pm (AEDT)

Have you considered planning a tour around Australia but too scared to take the step? No idea how to get started? Join our touring roundtable held by our workshop facilitator and touring escort Rain Morgan, to ask all of your questions and swap tips and tricks with your peers.

How to set up your superannuation

with Justin Knowles
In-person, Melbourne
May 27th


This workshop conducted by Justin Knowles from Services Australia will explore in a easy to understand way what is superannuation and what that means to a sex worker. We will cover the basics of different super funds and how to choose one, how to utilise it to save for your retirement, when you can access your super and how,  the different investment types and more.

Futureproofed Workshops

What does ‘futureproof’ mean?

If you futureproof something, you design or change it to be useful or accessible in the future. Since not everyone who wants to attend in-person workshops can, the team at Bigger Sister Channel are continually working with our workshop presenters to provide digital resources that contain useful content long after they’ve been presented.

Intro to EOFY taxes


Intro to tax is an introductory workshop run by qualified accountant Seth Patel just prior to the end of the financial year, where you can come and ask all of your tax related questions.

Want to know about the different taxes applicable and claim the maximum deductions for our industry? Come join us at the workshop.



SEO is the practice of optimising your website to increase its ranking on Google (and other search engines). This improved visibility should then generate more traffic to your website, and in turn, hopefully, you will gain more clients.

Natalia Violet, a full service sex worker who has professional experience in the SEO sector guides sex workers through answering the question, what is SEO and is it worth it for FSSWers?

Diversify your advertising


Keen to up your game when it comes to your marketing and advertising? Ready to go to the next level but also would like some assistance to get there?

You're in luck because this roundtable workshop is designed to discuss all things advertising. Join us for our roundtable discussion, a more casual, horizontally designed peer-to-peer style workshop, where everyone is an expert in their own life. We will share our experiences, failures and wins when it comes to diversifying your advertising, why it’s best to not only advertise on one spot, options for free ads, and more

How to manage a budget, save and pay off debts easily and effortlessly


This presentation focuses on ways to manage our money and the basics of budgeting, debt, and saving. Topics will include: prioritising money and budgeting, debt basics and types of borrowing, dealing with debt, how to create savings, and more. This workshop will include resources that can be accessed via Services Australia.

Kink items for your toy bag


In this in-person workshop particpants learnt all about what goes along with creating a kink bag. Where to begin & what to buy.

Covering the basic equipment for beginners & how to expand over time. 

Data Sets 101


This data sets workshops will guide you through how to quickly and easily make your data comprehensible through data visualisation and share strategies to convey complex information in intuitive and impactful ways.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of data collection, data types and keeping your data consistent and well formatted.

Photography tips & tricks with Silk Lab


Lauren AKA Silk Lab is a Melbourne based photographer and long time industry ally specialising in advertising & content photography for sex workers.

In this futureproofed version of the workshop, many of the tactile, motor skills can't be captured, but we have preserved the knowledge and principles to help you with your at home photography

Creating Content at any size: A beginners guide on content creation


Lex has been a part of the SW community 14 years & has undergone a drastic change to her appearance in recent years, all while still working in multiple facets of the industry.

Due to her experience in creating & selling her content at various different body sizes, Lex is here to present a workshop to teach you the ‘how to’ when it comes to the online market & to not only maximise your confidence but also your income streams.



Sex industry professionals often have very different needs and pathways in their journeys with ropes to lifestyle practitioners. This workshop gave a quick pathway to basic proficiency with ropes for use in professional contexts while still focusing on the connective nature of the practice.

When using rope in a professional context there is often little margin for error, and clients can be unforgiving compared to an intimate partner. As such, we covered the essentials of safety, holding space, tying with feeling and creating connection.

Sai shared rope handling techniques, a multitude of soft skills and their unique flavor of connective practices in ropes.



From writing your copy in five minutes, to exercises to help you identify your brand, this workshop covered a range of topics related to how you present yourself as a worker.

In this futureproofed version, Estelle walks through her presentation with Lex and talks about incorporating branding, marketing and style into your written copy.

Holding space for your story

 your voice

Community Podcast

Sex work can be a tangled web of responsibility and risk, challenges and complexities. These turbulent conditions, unique to our industry, can make it difficult to know where to start.

Together with our guests we dive in and attempt to unravel the bureaucratic beast, offering a practical approach and direct action. Sometimes this is with industry experts, sometimes this is with other professionals from different fields. 

Our conversations aim to self-empower workers, nurture financial wellness and fill knowledge gaps. We’re all about capacity building: giving you the understanding, skills and means to break the cycle of dependence and instability.

We cover the big issues: intergenerational poverty, scarcity mindset, unstable income, financial exclusion, how to work safer, and more.

Our guests are all heart and nails, helping us ride tough subjects with grace and laughter, and leave us knowing a little more than yesterday.

Want to get involved? Collaborate with us – we would love to hear from you.

Want to support our community project?

Bigger Sister Channel is now accepting financial donations for those who share our vision and want to support our mission. Donations go to operation costs, providing free workshops, compensating expert presenters, developing peer-to-peer education content, having monthly giveaway and supporting sex workers in need or crisis.

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