Bigger Sister Channel is a community project and educational program designed by sex workers, for sex workers. We empower sex workers across Australia to share their knowledge, skills and tools for safe and healthy work and life


Bigger Sister Channel is a safe haven for the outsiders, outcasts and odd-ends: sex workers, allies and rabble-rousers across Australia. 

We aim to provide accessible and inclusive education to all those who’ve been historically excluded from conventional tools and resources.

We want our network to reach all workers, especially those living remotely or in isolation.

Bigger Sister Channel makes it a priority to platform minority voices: Indigenous, disabled and other marginalised community members. We make space to amplify the perspective, needs and concerns of underserviced workers.

Our flag is a patchwork of all shapes, skins, cultures and creeds.

Our Current Peer-to-Peer Education Programs

Explore one of our programs or design one of your own
This is your community project after all!


The skills to pay the bills

Everything you should have learned at school and more. Our economic empowerment program is designed to provide foundational in-depth training specifically for sex workers and troubleshooting through our unique challenges. This program helps you navigate a hostile and confusing financial framework and improves your financial wellbeing by putting you on the path for financial freedom.

This program is currently still being actively developed and is expected to be released in 2024. 


Have you ever wanted to ask someone a sex worker related question but felt you couldn’t because you didn’t know who to ask, felt embarrassed or silly to even have to ask?

Our Ask Us Anything Box offers any sex worker the opportunity to pose an anonymous question about anything. With our collective 50+ years industry experience, our team is more than capable of answering any questions the community has.

Questions are answered every Tuesday here or on our social media!

Skillshare Workshop


Skillshare workshops on community-led topics to top-up your trickbag

Our skillsharing workshops are held monthly, either online or in-person in Melbourne, and cover a wide range of topics relevant to sex workers. These community-elected topics are designed to help you manage your safety at work, improve your health and wellbeing, or upskill your business practices and standards, and you could host a workshop yourself if you wanted!

For those who missed out, we are in the process of futureproofing all past workshops to make them available on here for you to view in your own time


Investing in life-long skills

We know sex workers are capable.

Bigger Sister Channel invests in the long-term benefits of capacity building, benefits that serve us and our community over a lifetime.

Empowering sex workers across Australia through:

Financial Wellness  • Skillshare Workshops • Social Inclusion • Community Cohesion • Capacity Building

To meet your preference and situation, our educational content is delivered across multiple formats and mediums: training modules, skillshare workshops, podcasts, interviews, videos, blogposts, social media posts and more.

For however you learn best, we offer short, medium and long-form content; bite-sized concepts all the way up to in-depth training that explores a subject over a series of modules.

Bigger Sister Channel is a living, growing, community project

See something missing or something you don’t like? We welcome nuance & new directions.

SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT: Safe Boundaries, Open Sharing

Our core team administers a secure portal to ensure sex workers can safely share their experience without the fear of repercussions–legal, personal, or otherwise.

These valuable contributions form the learning resources that can be freely accessed by all workers—regardless of their location, background or conditions. 

An encouraging, supportive and collaborative environment is the safe harbour for free expression, sharing and learning.

We intend to pull back the curtain.


Together, we build a comprehensive resource library. 

All of our workshops, training and content are catalogued and available for review on our platform.

An archive of knowledge and training made up of hundreds of contributions. A rich, nuanced and thriving knowledge bank is built on taking a little of what we each know.

Want to support our community project?

Bigger Sister Channel is now accepting financial donations for those who share our vision and want to support our mission. Donations go to operation costs, providing free workshops, compensating expert presenters, developing peer-to-peer education content, having monthly giveaway and supporting sex workers in need or crisis.

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In Partnership of City of Melbourne's Social Investment Program

Bigger Sister Channel acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we live and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.
Bigger Sister Channel pay our respects to all Elders, past and present of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations.