Boundaries 101 to 103

About this workshop

What is a boundary? Why do we have them and how do we set them? What do we do when we break our own boundaries or if someone does not respect them? In 2023, Esther Ogilvie, a sex worker friendly sexuality embodiment therapist, hosted a course of three worskshops to answer these questions and more in a hands-on setting. We discussed how to effectively communicate boundaries in a sex work settings that keeps you safe, and went through exercises to train our internal emotional compass and intuition. Additionally, we dived deep into how to stand your ground in bookings, cement your boundaries, and how to avoid burn out in the process.

Skills you will gain

Defining a boundary and learning their use.

The benefits of having a boundary.

How to create a boundary with consideration to your needs, desires and values.

How to identify boundaries as they emerge in sensation with your body.

How to place boundaries in sex worker settings.

How to recognise when you have crossed your own boundary.

How to recognise when someone else has crossed your boundaries.

How to hold a boundary if someone pushes it or does not respect it.

How to recognise burnout and its relationship with boundaries.

How to create your own personalise self-care toolkit.

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“I really learnt how important it is to acknowledge my own boundaries, and that although I have empathy and care for my clients I need to show that to myself. As well as how to assert those in a way that is safe for me physiclly and emotionally whilst still showing respect and empathy for my clients. ”
– Anonymous participant of the workshop

About our expert presenter: Esther Ogilvie

Esther is a sex worker friendly trauma-informed somatic therapist. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of areas including trauma therapy, anxiety and depression-related disorders, sex and sexuality concerns, interpersonal challenges, and emotional regulation difficulties. She holds qualifications as a menstrual health facilitator, family violence practitioner, and sex and gender empowerment coach, catering to individuals of all gender identities.

She offers tantra and tantric kink sessions for couples seeking to expand and enrich their relationship experience. As a trauma therapist, she delves into the unconscious beliefs, relational patterns, or trauma that may influence the dynamics within a relationship.

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