Navigating your pleasure at work

About this workshop

In this workshop, Cece Barker will take you on a journey of self exploration through guided embodiment practices that will enhance your understanding of what you like and dislike. She believes this will not only allow you to feel more pleasure in your body, but that you will be able transfer the teaching of this workshop into work setting  showing clients what pleasures you.

Skills you will gain

Basic somatic skills to self-identify emotions, states and sensations.

Linguistic skills to label cognitive, physical or emotional feelings.

How to manipulate the sensation of pleasure for yourself and for others.

How to identify emotional and pleasure boundaries for work settings.

A greater understanding of embodiment.

How to incorporate embodiment into your physical body.

How to harness, sustain and reserve your energy levels in intimacy settings.

Interpersonal communication and negotiation skills.

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About our expert presenter: Cece Barker

Cece, a Melbourne/Naarm-based sex worker, entered the industry in 2018. Devoting most of her 20s to education, she has successfully earned a degree and acquired a couple of diplomas along the way. Her latest endeavor involves delving into the realm of pleasure through the study of somatic sexological bodywork. Cece firmly believes that engaging in embodiment practices allows us to gain profound insights into ourselves that we may not have discovered before.

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