Storytelling is how we make sense of our reality and the realities of others. A story can foster connectedness, facilitate learning and inspire others. It is how we relate to others and how others understand us. Stories improve our memory retention and emotional regulation, they help us process complex topics, and they activate our empathy and sense of identity. When we use stories to deliver education, we contextualise and demonstrate the impact of a lesson. Storytelling inspires critical thinking and creativity to resolve issues.

People remember people‚Äôs stories. As sex workers, we are more likely to remember the experiences of our peers over facts, figures or graphs. We learn safety, security and how to manage stigma by sharing our story. Stories are powerful, sex worker stories especially, and historically they are weaponised against us. People take advantage of our need to stay anonymous when sharing our stories – or refuse to listen to our stories when they don’t come with a name, face or voice. They use our stigma against us, appropriate our struggles and traumas to further political or personal agendas. This misappropriation has many negative ramifications to our daily lives, such as the financial exclusion of sex workers from the rest of society.

Bigger Sister Channel Community Podcast is an opportunity to take back the mic and to tell our stories with our own voices. We want you on the show, we want to share the things that matter to you, we want to empower you to shape your story to your liking, whether that be an interview, a discussion or a conversation.
The primary purpose of this Community Podcast is to share our financial experiences as sex workers, but why stop there? Our stories illustrate the nuanced and complex issues we face due to stigma and discrimination, and help non-sex workers understand our realities. Sex workers sit at the intersection of many challenges, and our mere existance interrogates ideas around gender, sexuality, labour, religion, human rights, dignity and worth. We want to focus on the financial side, but we understand that our stories will have many dimensions to them. Ultimately, we want to take back our narratives and put the onus on society to be financially inclusive of sex workers.

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Our conversations aim to self-empower sex workers, nurture financial wellness and fill in knowledge gaps with the skills. We want to talk about breaking out of the cycle of dependence and instability systems force us into. We love to interview other sex workers, other professionals, and anyone who is willing to add to this tapestry of experiences we are co-creating. If our vision resonates with you, we invite you to get involved with the Community Podcast.

Go on, tell us a story…

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Bigger Sister Channel is now accepting financial donations for those who share our vision and want to support our mission. Donations go to operation costs, providing free workshops, compensating expert presenters, developing peer-to-peer education content, having monthly giveaway and supporting sex workers in need or crisis.

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