Copywriting for escorts

About this futureproofed workshop

This was our very first workshop designed to take your advertisement to the next level and was held over three hours in Melbourne.

From writing your copy in five minutes, to exercises to help you identify your brand, this workshop covered a range of topics related to how you present yourself as a worker.

In our futureproofed version, Estelle walks through her presentation with Lex and talks about incorperating branding, marketing and style into your written copy.

Skills you will gain

Understand what copywriting is in the context of the sex industry and how this can impact your work

A method to writing the perfect copy: identify your brand, structure your copy then pitch it

Techniques to identifying your brand and how to articulate this in the written structure

How to plan your copy before attempting to write your copy

Techniques to structure your copy to be engaging and compelling to your target audience

Methods to package and present your services, experience and appearance in a written form

How to harness, sustain and reserve your energy levels in intimacy settings

Want to learn more about copywriting?

We are compiling a worksheet and supplementary learning tools to aid you in understanding this workshop better. We’ll notify you once this complimentary material is available👇

The workshop was great. I loved the small group, it felt really easy to be a part of and get to know the others. Rain and Estelle were wonderful. They gave so much good information and thoroughly answered everyone’s questions. Very interesting workshop, great facilitators, great attendees, snacks on point and really beautiful location too. Absolutely will attend every workshop I can. Highly recommend.”

Anonymous participant of the workshop

About our expert presenter:

Estelle Lucas

Estelle Lucas is a private escort and 15+year veteran in the industry. She has been an avid reader and writer from a young age and completed her Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing. She has also offered her copywriting services to other escorts to help them with their written presentation and branding.

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