Data Sets 101

About this workshop

This data sets workshops will guide you through how to quickly and easily make your data comprehensible through data visualisation and share strategies to convey complex information in intuitive and impactful ways. Participants will learn the fundamentals of data collection, data types and keeping your data consistent and well formatted.

Skills you will gain

The importance of data collection.

Data visualisations.

Formatting & creating data spreadsheets.

How to make your data comprehensible through data visualisations.

Learn how to make profitable decisions based of data collected.

Interpreting results & decision making based on data.

Strategies to convey complex information in intuitive and impactful ways.

Access to a dummy data set for visual clarification.

Click the below link to access the dummy data spreadsheet.

Please note that all information contained within this spreadsheet has been created for the purpose of this workshop & has no connection to persons existing with the same name.

I loved that it was accessible and took it from basics to more complex ideas around data management. Also, being in a space with peers means it is more applicable to my context and made it more engaging.”
– Anonymous participant of the workshop

About our expert presenters: Ivy Harper

Ivy is a Naarm based SWer and a staunch proponent of utilizing data as a force in informed decision-making to empower sex workers. With a dual major BSc in Biochemistry and Microbiology, along with a BCompS specialized in Data Science and a solid foundation of 5 years in research, Ivy stands equipped with robust analytical prowess and a strategic acumen for decision-making.

Harnessing her seasoned experience as an educator, Ivy is committed to demystifying the realms of data science, analytics, and visualization. Ivy’s focus revolves around democratizing these powerful tools and increasing their accessibility to all.

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