Tax Q&A with Hnry

About this workshop

In this online workshop, the sex worker friendly tax accountants at Hnry hosted a Q&A and guided us through their services and the features of their tax app. Additionally, Hnry helped us understand our legal and financial obligations as sole traders. These questions included what could or could not be claimed, what to do if you haven’t paid your tax in a while, setting up a Hnry PayID to take deposits anonymously, how Hnry automatically deducts your tax and super so you don’t have to and general tips to organising your finances.

We futureproofed the most commonly asked questions into graphics for you to grow your understanding around tax.

Skills you will gain

A basic understanding about the legal and tax obligations for sole traders under Australian taxation law

How to pay your tax anonymously and without revealing you’re a sex worker

Safe and anonymous methods to accept payments and deposits from clients

A list of what can and can’t be deducted as a sex worker

Access to sex worker friendly app Hnry with a dedicated accountant for sex workers

Options if you haven’t paid your tax in a while

Options for sex worker friendly representatives to deal with the ATO, real estate agents and banks

Hnry made the idea of paying my tax less scary. As someone who is not well off, who has never been taught financial literacy and mostly lives week to week, this really took a lot of fear out of it. The presenter was very friendly and knowledgable, they not only say they are SWer friendly, they have actually put measures in place to BE SWer friendly. I was happy to hear that they will be able to help me sort my financial mess out, which they did in a very kind and understanding way. So I’ll be signing up to Hnry. Thanks Bigger Sister Channel.”

– Anonymous participant of the workshop

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About our expert presenters:


Bigger Sister Channel has worked collaboratively with Hnry to make their app accessible and safe for sex workers. This included: adding sex work as a worker category, anonymity to sign up under your working name, accepting payment/deposits with your working name with no ability to reverse the transfer, direct phone/SMS line for workers to speak to the same dedicated accountant (Dani) and Hnry happy to represent sex workers for loans and rentals without revealing confidential information.

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