Kink Items For Your Toy Bag

About this workshop

Interested in introducing kink play into your services, but not sure what equipment to buy to start your journey? Then this workshop is for you.  Mistress Electra Amore covers where to start and what to buy for your kinky toy bag.

Covering the basic equipment for beginners and how to expand over time. The difference between purchasing equipment for a Dungeon or Play Space compared to touring with. And how to buy quality equipment that is safe, able to clean and last you a lifetime.

Skills you will gain

Learn where to start buying equipment.

What equipment to buy that will last you a lifetime and be easy to clean, safe and quality equipment.

Learn the difference between touring & dungeon equipment.

Learn how to tell the difference between unsafe equipment & safe equipment.

Learn about toys that are good for light play vs hard play

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Mistress Electra is an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom and it was an honour to be able to spend the afternoon learning how to develop my kit. Hearing about kink mindsets and the layering of restraint and bondage was so incredibly helpful. Loved my time. More Mistress Electra session please

– Anonymous attendee of workshop.

About our expert presenter: Miss Electra Amore

Mistress Electra Amore is an accomplished Dominatrices & kink educator. Celebrating 30 years in the industry, she has worked throughout Australia, UK and Europe. With additional study in Urban Tantra, Somatic Sexology, Wheel of Consent and Emotional Release work.  

The depth of Electra’s knowledge, skills, and experience is enthusiastically shared when she teaches.  Allowing for her participants to learn in a manner that sculpts their mind, broadens their horizons, and brings a sense of joy and safety when learning the art of BDSM, fetish, kink, and role play techniques.

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