How to Manage a Budget, Save & Pay Off Debts Easily and Effortlessly

About this workshop

In this workshop you will be guided by Financial Information Services Officer Justin Knowles from Services Australia (Centrelink). He will go through what we should have gone through at school to manage your money and the basics principles and practices of budgeting, debt, and saving. We will look at how to prioritise where money is allocated and budgeting, debt basics and the types of borrowing available to sex workers, dealing with debt, how to create savings, and more. This workshop will include resources that can be accessed via Services Australia.

Skills you will gain

How to budget in a simple, easy to follow way

How to prioritise what money on spending versus saving

The basic principles behind different kinds of debt and the different ways you can borrow i.e, NILS loans and Centrelink

How to deal with any debt you may have

How to create a savings plan in a simple and small, bite sized way

You will also get resources and a list of organisations that can assist you to save and budget through Services Australia. 

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It felt like a good well rounded introduction to financial literacy. I now feel confident to open a savings account (probably with a different bank than my main account!), and I’m now open to the idea of getting a credit card to establish good credit. I particularly enjoyed sharing tips amongst participants. I think it would be cool in the future to include resources like sex-worker friendly accountants & financial advisers. I’d be keen to have another workshop which goes into more depth for topics like HECS, and taxes.”
– Anonymous participant of the workshop

About our expert presenter: Justin Knowles

Justin (He/Him) is a Financial Services Information Officer (FISO) with Services Australia. He has worked for the department for almost 20 years and has previously worked in banking, accounting, and auditing. In his current role Justin works with financially vulnerable people to improve their financial understanding and build financial self-sufficiency as part of the Financial Information Service (FIS). FIS operates on the principle that a better understanding of financial affairs gives more choices leading to a better lifestyle both now, and in future. The services FIS provides are available to everyone, not just those receiving government payments and services.

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