Bigger Sister Channel is a community project

by sex workers, for sex workers

Meet the hot babes organising this shindig.

Estelle Lucas
Managing Director

After winning the Kenneth Myer Innovation Fellowship 2023, Estelle (she/they) founded Bigger Sister Channel and is the current Managing Director. Estelle Lucas has 15+ years experience as a private escort and sex work advocate, and is passionate on furthering the human rights and dignities of sex workers everywhere.

While overseeing this community project, Estelle is also currently developing the economic empowerment educational module and likes to eat sunflower seeds in her spare time.

Rain Morgan
Skillshare Coordinator

Rain (she/her) is our Skillshare Coordinator and the ‘Bigger Sister’ of our Skillshare Workshops Program. Rain has a journalism and politics background with a keen interest in disability rights, antiques, and regional touring. Rain has hosted Melbourne Sex Worker Drinks since 2018.

Rain joined the Bigger Sister Channel team to deliver high quality peer-to-peer education through rotating workshop themes and to increase the reach and impact of these events.
With 7+ years varied sex work experience Rain is more than equipped to organise these workshops and is always on the hunt for workshop facilitators (maybe that’s you?).

Lea Nights
Social Media Officer

Lea (she/her) is our Social Media Officer and everything you see on our social media platforms is organised, scheduled, created, repurposed and posted by her. She reformats our peer education into bite-sized pieces appropriate for our social media accounts most days and keeps our audience engaged online regularly.

If you ever interact with us online, it’s probably Lea on the other side. With 22+ years experience in the industry, she now lives remotely. If she’s not crocheting, she’s working on delivering you content that’s fun, informative and eye-catching.

Lex Leigh
Community & Social Media Manager

Lex (she/her) is our Community Manager, with 15+ years experience doing just about every form of sex work possible, you can think of her as the face and voice of the project. Lex collaborates with sex workers and stakeholders to expand our network, community and collective knowledge and resources.

She puts the community in ‘community project’ and works actively to get sex workers involved with our activities and programs. In addition, she does a lot of behind-the-scene work building referral pathways with safe-to-use services to refer workers to. Lex is a versatile and empathetic glue that keeps the Bigger Sister Channel team connected with you.

Tilly Gold
Producer & Researcher

Tilly (she/her) has a Masters in Cultural Studies but more impressively, she has a commanding voice that instantly compels all and any listeners to attention. When she’s not assisting Estelle with technical finance-related research to develop the economic empowerment program, she’s working on our Community Podcast and collating a collection of stories from real sex workers.

Tilly is working on uplifting, empowering and showcasing the lived experiences of sex workers and using these stories to inspire growth, movements and motivation to move forward in life despite the obstacles unique to sex workers. 

Hailey Hendrix
Operations Analyst

Hailey (they/them) is the linchpin that keeps Bigger Sister Channel organised in a sane, easy-to-follow, logical manner. Hailey is highly gifted when it comes to organisation and focuses on optimising the day-to-day operations and workflows of all team members and the whole community project itself.

Hailey’s role is a technical one that not only maintains a clean, categorised, easy to navigate online remote workspace, but they also help us to secure grants, funding and meet our legal and financial obligations. Without them, Bigger Sister Channel would be a hot mess of flaming chaos, but luckily Hailey is always keeping a look-out on improving information flow and exchange.

Zara Harlow
People and Culture Manager (HR)

Zara (she/they) is our newest addition to Bigger Sister Channel and their role is to ensure we have a positive, encouraging and dynamic workspace. Zara facilitates our weekly meetings and has an inward facing role where she offers personal support, assistance and accountability to the rest of the team.

Zara has worked in various forms of the industry for 8+ years and is well-equipped to support all the team members in their respective roles.

We aren’t here to reinvent the wheel or offer a miracle cure.

Time and time again we’ve seen society and outside organisations try to “save” sex workers. After they come and go–we’re still here. And when a sex worker’s in trouble, who helps them? 

It’s always another sex worker. 

The cooperative exchange of expertise is how we help ourselves and each other–the only way to transfer knowing and understanding.

We aren’t hopeless victims waiting to be rescued, incapable of learning the skills to help ourselves.

Education, support and community give agency and opportunity back to workers so we can freely determine the course of our lives.

By prioritising life-long expertise, disadvantaged and inexperienced workers are empowered to take material action, and their conditions improve.

Bigger Sister Channel is a living, growing, community project

See something missing or something you don’t like? Join us in creating nuance & new directions.

With the help of our contributors, we put our crosshairs and stilettos on the multitude of challenges faced by sex workers.

The work, money, business life, private life–and the challenges of the “double identity” (managing a private practice behind a public face).

We cover crucial issues such as economic wellness, harm reduction, safety practices, self-care, screening, mental health, copywriting, touring, content creation, burnout, SEO and more.

As a community project, we believe in a dynamic, free-flowing relationship of educators and learners, enriching the skills, capability and wellbeing of all – veterans, baby-whores, misfits and anyone in between.

Everyone is a participant. 

Linking hand-to-hand, exchanging story and experience, together we lift our circle.

In this digital age–where we’re more connected, yet more isolated than ever–we want to reclaim an essential tradition: community connection. 

The glue that bonds, uplifts, restores, aids and enriches

Two heads are better than one.


Want to support our community project?

Bigger Sister Channel is now accepting financial donations for those who share our vision and want to support our mission. Donations go to operation costs, providing free workshops, compensating expert presenters, developing peer-to-peer education content, having monthly giveaway and supporting sex workers in need or crisis.

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In Partnership of City of Melbourne's Social Investment Program

Bigger Sister Channel acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we live and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.
Bigger Sister Channel pay our respects to all Elders, past and present of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations.