Mission & Vision

Sex work is real work.

Sex work is a profession that’s lived beyond trading hours.

It can blur the lines between home, work and self. 

Obligations, responsibilities, stresses and social stigma can lead to a kind of double existence:

Solitary work managed behind a public face.

Our mission is to empower sex workers to share their stories, experiences and skills.

We envision a world where sex workers are treated fairly, equally and free of stigma and discrimination.

Bigger Sister Channel is a living, growing, community project

See something missing or something you don’t like? We welcome nuance & new directions.


Bigger Sister Channel uses peer-to-peer education! Why? Because we know it works.

The effectiveness of peer-to-peer education is confirmed by insider industry knowledge and academic research. Drawing on the strengths and resources of sex workers across the country, our platform facilitates the open exchanges of ideas, perspectives and experiences.

Working for yourself doesn’t mean you have to stand alone.

The right advice can be hard to come by. It’s often gate-kept by experts or professionals billing by the hour, who may or may not have your best interests at heart. 

Other times, vital information and your obligations are lost in needlessly confusing language and operations.

We intend to pull back the curtain.

Sex workers can add to and draw from our hive-mind as required–now and for generations to come.

The means to creating a safer work environment and improving wellbeing: long-term wealth and future security without having to climb over each other.



Sex workers don’t need to resign themselves to the margins of society and the daily demands of basic survival.

Sex work has always been a part of Australian society.

It will continue to be part of its story.

We believe society as a whole benefits by accepting a diverse range of voices and embracing different ways of living.

Bigger Sister Channel provides a public stage, empowering sex workers to step out of the shadows, express their voice, and be seen in the wider community.

Public awareness is essential to expanding the support of our circle to non-sex workers and other communities.

Intersectionality and allyship expand the limits of what our community alone can do. Collective action puts pressure on policy-makers to bring about material changes and improve the lives of sex workers.

We share our message across multiple social media platforms, humanising sex workers through positive self-representation, personal accounts, and nuanced + accurate facts.

To provide the most accurate guidance possible, we collaborate with skilled sex workers, experts, professionals, researchers, stakeholders and various organisations.

You don’t need a degree.
A big heart and street smarts can be more valuable than any certificate.

By drawing on specialised expertise and experts in their respective fields, we can offer the best advice, tailored to the unique conditions of the sex work industry.

Working for yourself doesn’t mean you have to stand alone.

As an “independent contractor” in a discriminated industry, it’s easy to get lost in the web of responsibilities and administrative systems you’re expected to straddle.

We want to help you get your head around the duelling lives and duties, setting you up for success.

Such accounts help illuminate misconceptions + misinformation, and work towards destigmatising harmful portrayals. 

This is the power of shared story.

Story informs, story uplifts. 

Through understanding, we build a more compassionate and empathetic society that accepts different ways of life.

Want to support our community project?

Bigger Sister Channel is now accepting financial donations for those who share our vision and want to support our mission. Donations go to operation costs, providing free workshops, compensating expert presenters, developing peer-to-peer education content, having monthly giveaway and supporting sex workers in need or crisis.

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In Partnership of City of Melbourne's Social Investment Program

Bigger Sister Channel acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we live and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.
Bigger Sister Channel pay our respects to all Elders, past and present of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations.