Organising sex worker cooperatives

About this workshop

This introduction to worker cooperatives, in the context of sex worker cooperatives, is rather a blend of learning, inspiring, imagining and just plain conjuring up what we really really want. There will be a set of slides to work through and a few work sheets. Mama B will walk you through the basics of a feasibility analysis built specifically for worker coops and we can see what could work.

As of the 1st December, in Victoria, it should be entirely legal to set up a sex worker coop. It hasn’t been done yet, and may take a bit of convincing, but there is no law in the way anymore. Can you imagine what your back room would be like? What kind of rules would we set, if it was our house? What would it feel like?  Who want’s to play?

Skills you will gain

Learn what a sex worker cooperative is, such as shared incall space.

Learn the benefits of sex worker cooperatives and how this can enhance your business and connection to community.

Learn how to organise a cooperative, including recruiting interest and balancing ownership of the cooperative.

Learn how to communicate professionally within a cooperative a design a structure that is safe and respectful for all participant.

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Anyone that did get to come along to the Scarlet Alliance delivery of this workshop is welcome to come along again! There will be some similar content, but also another whole hour to explore a lot more of the ideas in the room. I do hope that this workshop will connect those that have this passion, to build a worker cooperative, and to do so you need a minimum of 5 people. So, finding your right 5 people can be the first challenge.  We will have a bunch of worksheets to explore too”

A message from Mama B

About our expert presenter: Mama B

Katherine Cunningham AKA Mama B, has been studying worker cooperatives these past 5+ years with many different coops, including her own! Part of the environmental justice crew and a witch, then blend that with a bachelor of business in Entrepreneurship and there is a bit of a brew here. Deeply anti-extractive in business design she firmly believes that if there is one labour on the planet that should be owned by those that do the work… it is the labour of sex work.

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