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Skillshare workshops on community-led topics to help you upskill! 

Dealing out tricks of the trade.

Bigger Sister Channel workshops are run once a month in person or online, with a different “Bigger Sister” expert presenter for each session. Majority of our in person workshops are held in Melbourne but in 2023 we expanded to hosting Admin Days in Brisbane. With enough interest and community effort, we hope the extend our workshops to a city near you.

Each workshop is “future proofed” in a variety of ways so the knowledge remains accessible via our platforms for the community. We are also creating supplementary materials to support your learning.

We work in collaboration with skilled sex workers and experts. Educators and learners come together to trade vital skills, expertise, knowledge, resources, tools and capabilities to help sex workers work in a healthy, safe, and sustainable way. Most importantly, presenters are self-elected, that means if you have the skills, we will help you facilitate a peer-to-peer education workshop.

Topics are community-lead, so they can be on anything that helps you: screening, mental health, copywriting, touring, content creation, kink, safety, health, burnout, SEO and more

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How to cam easier using OBS (Open Broadcast Software)

with Michelle Hart
In-person, Melbourne
March 6th


Join Michelle Hart, an experienced online content creator and cammer, as she  teaches you the basics of OBS, the software for video recording and live streaming used on MFC, Twitch and more.

This will be an interactive workshop, with an intro to OBS accompanied with hands-on lessons to practice using OBS features and functions. 

Creating Content at any size: A beginners guide on content creating.

with Lex Leigh
In-person, Melbourne
April 19th


This workshop will be hosted by Lex Leigh.

How to diversify your advertising

Roundtable discussion
Online, Google Meets
March 27th


Keen to up your game when it comes to your marketing and advertising?

Join us for our roundtable workshop, a more casual peer discussions style of workshop, to discuss diversifying your advertising, why it’s best to not only advertise on one spot, options for free ads, and more!

Exchanging experiences about touring interstate

Roundtable discussion
Online, Google Meets
May 22nd


Have you considered planning a tour around Australia but too scared to take the step? No idea how to get started? Join our touring roundtable held by our workshop facilitator and touring escort Rain Morgan, to ask all of your questions and swap tips and tricks with your peers.

How to manage a budget, save and pay off debts easily and effortlessly

With Justin Knowles from Services Australia
In-person, Melbourne
April 17th


This presentation focuses on ways to manage our money and the basics of budgeting, debt, and saving. Topics will include: prioritising money and budgeting, debt basics and types of borrowing, dealing with debt, how to create savings, and more. This workshop will include resources that can be accessed via Services Australia.

How to set up your superannuation

with Justin Knowles
In-person, Melbourne
May 27th


This workshop conducted by Justin Knowles from Services Australia will explore in a easy to understand way what is superannuation and what that means to a sex worker. We will cover the basics of different super funds and how to choose one, how to utilise it to save for your retirement, when you can access your super and how,  the different investment types and more.

economic empowerment PROGRAM

Community Podcast

The skills to pay the bills.

Improving the financial wellbeing of sex workers through in-depth training explored over a series of modules.

For many of us, fluctuating income, constantly changing expenses and sudden debt can lead to living large one day, survival mode the next.

Our flagship program aims to improve the financial wellbeing of sex workers by exploring our relationship toward money over a series of educational modules.

To break the cycle of instability, we look at 6 key components that help us get a handle on our economic situation: financial literacy, financial behaviours, financial resilience, financial attitudes, financial inclusion and financial capabilities. 

We bring in experts in different fields and skilled sex workers to provide a variety of perspectives on the worlds of personal finance, tax and all things money. Our guests and guides help us to simplify daunting systems and operations, providing you with a clear path to your duties and opportunities.

We take a holistic approach to education, delivery material through our 5 Pillars:
  • Skillshare workshops
  • Interviews (w/ experts + pros)
  • Storytelling (w/ sex workers)
  • Community podcast (w/ rolling guests)
  • Bigger Sister Youtube channel

By the end you’ll be

Pretty in green (and out of the red).

Ask Us Anything Box

Answered every Tuesday

Do you have a sex work related question?

Our Ask Us Anything Box offers any sex worker the opportunity to pose an anonymous question about anything to do with the industry. With our collective 50+ years industry experience, there’s hardly a question we can’t answer.

Are you our next lived experience expert?

We’re here to collaborate.

Our platform hosts, curates and promotes educational content for sex workers, created in partnership with our community.

It’s a stage for our diverse community to share our voice, fostering the trade of experience and expertise between sex workers across Australia.

Every sex worker enters the industry in need of something; sometimes, we get out ahead.

But what happens if we left something behind for those coming up?

Are you our next lived experience or content expert?

Want to support our community project?

Bigger Sister Channel is now accepting financial donations for those who share our vision and want to support our mission. Donations go to operation costs, providing free workshops, compensating expert presenters, developing peer-to-peer education content, having monthly giveaway and supporting sex workers in need or crisis.

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