Photography tips and tricks

About this futureproofed workshop

This workshop was delivered in-person and in an interactive, hands-on manner by Lauren from Silk Lab. This gave participants the opportunity to learn simple yet effective editing & self portrait techniques to elevate photos with the tools we had on hand.

In this futureproofed version of the workshop, many of the tactile, motor skills can’t be captured, but we have preserved the knowledge and principles to help you with your at home photography.

Skills you will gain

How to choose a good quality camera fitting for any budget.

How to set up an at home photo studio to shoot content.

How to use camera features such as focus, exposure, white balance and shutter speed.

Learn the rules of photography including composition, rule of thirds, symmetry, patterns and repetition, framing and point of view.

A comprehensive list of photography software and apps for mobile and desktop.

Recommendations for further learning in editing, post production and photography.

Understanding focal lengths and how this distorts images.

Unpacking the tools needed for an at home selfie toolkit.

Learning the impact of poses, angles, placement, location and other visual enhancing tips.

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Want to learn more about photography?

We are compiling a worksheet and supplementary learning tools to aid you in understanding this workshop better. We’ll notify you once this complimentary material is available👇

“The workshop was great; I learned basic skills to improve the quality of my content. Also, the presenter was super patient with the ones we were not super tech savvy.”

Anonymous participant of the workshop

About our expert presenter: Lauren from Silk Lab

Lauren AKA Silk Lab is a Melbourne based photographer and long time industry ally specialising in advertising & content photography for sex workers. Lauren is self taught and launched Silk Lab in 2019. She believes that everyone has the ability to take stunning photos of themselves and their friends to suit their brand AND drive in more enquiries! She is keen to share her knowledge to help sex workers learn essential editing & self portrait techniques.

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