How to diversify your advertising

About this workshop

Keen to up your game when it comes to your marketing and advertising? Ready to go to the next level but also would like some assistance to get there?

You’re in luck because this roundtable workshop is designed to discuss all things advertising. Join us for our roundtable discussion, a more casual, horizontally designed peer-to-peer style workshop, where everyone is an expert in their own life. We will share our experiences, failures and wins when it comes to diversifying your advertising, why it’s best to not only advertise on one spot, options for free ads, and more.

Skills you will gain

A list of the free advertisment options available to sex workers.

Why it’s worth widening your reach with multiple directory ads.

How to change your ads to better target the audience attracted to each directory.

The science behind how selfies and pro pictures have a different impact for different sites, and how to identify which type of pictures to use.

How to identify the niche for each advertising website and directory.

Thinking through whether bumping is worth it – what’s best practice and what works.

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About roundtable workshops

In a roundtable workshop, everyone is the expert. These workshops are horizontally designed meaning there is no single authority figure to learn from, everyone has something to share and exchange from their lived experience. These discussions are facilitated by the team at Bigger Sister Channel, specifically our Skillshare Coordinator Rain Morgan to ensure the smooth flow of conversation and connection. Most roundtable workshops are held online, but you are free to turn off your camera and your microphone for any privacy reasons.

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