Skillsharing Workshops

Skillshare workshops on community-led topics to help you upskill! 

Dealing out tricks of the trade.

Bigger Sister Channel workshops are run once a month in person or online, with a different “Bigger Sister” expert presenter for each session. Majority of our in person workshops are held in Melbourne but in 2023 we expanded to hosting Admin Days in Brisbane. With enough interest and community effort, we hope to extend our workshops to a city near you.

Each workshop is “future proofed” in a variety of ways so the knowledge remains accessible via our platforms for the community. We are also creating supplementary materials to support your learning.

We work in collaboration with skilled sex workers and experts. Educators and learners come together to trade vital skills, expertise, knowledge, resources, tools and capabilities to help sex workers work in a healthy, safe, and sustainable way. Most importantly, presenters are self-elected, that means if you have the skills, we will help you facilitate a peer-to-peer education workshop.

Topics are community-lead, so they can be on anything that helps you: screening, mental health, copywriting, touring, content creation, kink, safety, health, burnout, SEO and more

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How to cam easier using OBS (Open Broadcast Software)

with Michelle Hart
In-person, Melbourne
March 6th


Join Michelle Hart, an experienced online content creator and cammer, as she  teaches you the basics of OBS, the software for video recording and live streaming used on MFC, Twitch and more.

This will be an interactive workshop, with an intro to OBS accompanied with hands-on lessons to practice using OBS features and functions. 

Creating Content at any size: A beginners guide on content creating.

with Lex Leigh
In-person, Melbourne
April 19th


This workshop will be hosted by Lex Leigh.

Lex has been a part of the SW community 14 years & has undergone a drastic change to her appearance in recent years, all while still working in multiple facets of the industry.

Due to her experience in creating & selling her content at various different body sizes, Lex is here to present a workshop to teach you the ‘how to’ when it comes to the online market & to not only maximise your confidence but also your income streams.

How to diversify your advertising

Roundtable discussion
Online, Google Meets
March 27th

1-3pm (AEDT)

Keen to up your game when it comes to your marketing and advertising?

Join us for our roundtable workshop, a more casual peer discussions style of workshop, to discuss diversifying your advertising, why it’s best to not only advertise on one spot, options for free ads, and more!

Exchanging experiences about touring interstate

Roundtable discussion
Online, Google Meets
May 22nd

1-3pm (AEDT)

Have you considered planning a tour around Australia but too scared to take the step? No idea how to get started? Join our touring roundtable held by our workshop facilitator and touring escort Rain Morgan, to ask all of your questions and swap tips and tricks with your peers.

How to manage a budget, save and pay off debts easily and effortlessly

With Justin Knowles from Services Australia
In-person, Melbourne
April 17th


This presentation focuses on ways to manage our money and the basics of budgeting, debt, and saving. Topics will include: prioritising money and budgeting, debt basics and types of borrowing, dealing with debt, how to create savings, and more. This workshop will include resources that can be accessed via Services Australia.

How to set up your superannuation

with Justin Knowles
In-person, Melbourne
May 27th


This workshop conducted by Justin Knowles from Services Australia will explore in a easy to understand way what is superannuation and what that means to a sex worker. We will cover the basics of different super funds and how to choose one, how to utilise it to save for your retirement, when you can access your super and how,  the different investment types and more.


What does ‘futureproof’ mean?

If you futureproof something, you design or change it to be useful or accessible in the future. Since not everyone who wants to attend in-person workshops can, the team at Bigger Sister Channel are continually working with our workshop presenters to provide digital resources that contain useful content long after they’ve been presented.

Photography with Silk Lab


Lauren from Silk Lab, a Melbourne based sex worker friendly photographer, hosted this three hour workshop where she walked us through the process of creating high-quality images for your business. This tailored hands-on learning workshop was customised to meet attendees specific needs. Together we enhanced our photography skills and captured stunning images to build our brand and business!

In the futureproofed version, we'll share Lauren's slides and help you organise your own at home photography setup 🤳 📷

Tax Q&A with Hnry Australia


In this online workshop, we forwarded all of your Australian tax related questions to sex worker friendly accountants at the Hnry app.

This workshop explored issues related to sole traders and we cleared up any confusions our community had about tax obligation! If you would like to automate your tax, be sure to use our referral code BIGGERSISTER to trial and see if it's a good fit for your business.

You can view the most commonly asked questions and answers for this workshop on our futureproofed page.

Copywriting with Estelle Lucas


This workshop was hosted by copywriting expert Estelle Lucas to take your advertisement to the next level and was held over three hours in Melbourne.

From writing your copy in five minutes, to exercises to help you identify your brand, this workshop covered a range of topics related to how you present yourself as a worker. In our futureproofed version, Estelle walks through her presentation with Lex and talks about incorporating branding, marketing and style into your written copy.

Brothel Tips & Tricks

with the team at Bigger Sister Channel

In this recorded Twitter Space roundtable discussion, the team at Bigger Sister Channel delve into numerous topics such as: extras, getting an ABN, condom use, shaving or brushing teeth before a booking, listerine, how to fire broth clients, shift work obligations, brothel standards and practices, how to navigate brothels that break the law and put you in danger and changes to brothels under decriminalisation. If you enjoyed this Twitter Space discussion, let us know and we can host more!

Are you our next lived experience expert?

We’re here to collaborate.

Our platform hosts, curates and promotes educational content for sex workers, created in partnership with our community.

It’s a stage for our diverse community to share our voice, fostering the trade of experience and expertise between sex workers across Australia.

Every sex worker enters the industry in need of something; sometimes, we get out ahead.

But what happens if we left something behind for those coming up?

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Boundaries 101 to 103

with Esther Ogilvie

What is a boundary? Why do we have them and how do we set them? What do we do when we break our own boundaries or if someone does not respect them? In 2023, Esther Ogilvie, a sex worker friendly sexuality embodiment therapist, hosted a course of three worskshops to answer these questions and more in a hands-on setting.

We discussed how to effectively communicate boundaries in a sex work settings that keeps you safe, and went through exercises to train our internal emotional compass and intuition. Additionally, we dived deep into how to stand your ground in bookings, cement your boundaries, and how to avoid burn out in the process.

Shibari and rope work for industry professionals

​By Sai Jaiden Lillith

Sex industry professionals often have very different needs and pathways in their journeys with ropes to lifestyle practitioners. This workshop gave a quick pathway to basic proficiency with ropes for use in professional contexts while still focusing on the connective nature of the practice.

When using rope in a professional context there is often little margin for error, and clients can be unforgiving compared to an intimate partner. As such, we covered the essentials of safety, holding space, tying with feeling and creating connection.

Sai shared rope handling techniques, a multitude of soft skills and their unique flavor of connective practices in ropes.

Money Matters

with Justin Knowles

In another successful financial literacy workshop by  sex worker friendly Financial Information Service Officer at Services Australia (Centrelink) Justin Knowles, we covered the basics to personal finance.

In this workshops the fundamentals on how to manage your money were covered and included topics like budgeting, prioritisation and distribution of income, types of borrowing, dealing with debt, creating savings and more!

Navigating your pleasure at work

with Cece Barker
In-person, Melbourne
January 30th


In this workshop, Cece Barker will take you on a journey of self exploration through guided embodiment practices that will enhance your understanding of what you like/dislike.

She believes this will not only allow you to feel more pleasure in your body, but to take what you learn from this workshop and bring it into your work by showing clients what pleasures you.

Intro to BDSM 101 + 102

with Danielle Rubber

In these workshops Danielle Rubber, a Dominatrix since 2010, taught us the basics of BDSM and built our understanding from the beginning. From what is BDSM, explaining RACK, PRICK, and many other BDSM acronyms, participants paced their knowledge out in a series of two workshops.

We delved into the psychology of kink, how to navigate a safe scene and setting boundaries while also discussing how to play safe and the value of after care. In addition, we covered how to stay safe doing BDSM during incalls and outcalls and what to include in your own kink starter kit.

Money Matters - Supperannuation

with Justin Knowles

In another successful financial literacy workshop by sex worker friendly Financial Information Service Officer at Services Australia (Centrelink) Justin Knowles, we covered the basics setting up super as a sex worker. For those looking to retire with financial security, this one was for you!

Introduction to webcamming

with Michelle Hart

Ever wanted to get into camming or content creation but don’t even know where to begin? This workshop is designed to answer that very question and all others that come at the beginning of your online journey.

We looked at what tools you actually need at the start, what can wait, and what is a waste of money. We looked at which sites are the best for income and how to maximize your return. And finally we discussed ways to find your niche/vibe/aesthetic.

After this workshop, you will be equipped with a plan to embark on your online journey while avoiding many of the newcomer pitfalls.

Organising sex worker cooperatives

with Mama B
In-person, Melbourne
February 14th


With decriminalisation now in Victoria, this introduction into worker cooperatives, in the context of sex worker cooperatives, is rather a blend of learning, inspiring, imagining and just plain conjuring up what we really really want.

There will be a set of slides to work through and a few work-sheets to get through. You will be walked through the basics of a feasibility analysis built specifically for worker coops and we will assess what could work.

Branding Kit Workshop with Charlie Bear

with Charlie Bear

In this workshop, participants were guided by sex worker and design specialist Charlie Bear (they/them) to create unique professional branding kits to elevate our business in an interactive workshop.

By upping our design game, this improves our credibility and professionalism as a small owner operated business. Charlie went through it all, branding board, colour schemes, font and heading designs,  relevant design principles to guide you to produce your own unique branding kit.

Data visualisation for sex worker businesses 101 + 102

with Ivy Harper

Have you ever wondered where you make the most money, what services are most popular or what advertising is most effective for your business? Assembling this data into a visual aid is Ivy Harper’s specialty. A sex worker themself, Ivy discusses how data compiling is good for business, and how it can save time and increase value for income.

In this workshop, we gave the tools to formulate insightful question about business operations and uncovered answers that can lead to improved outcomes. Participants learned the fundamentals of data collection, data types, keeping your data consistent and well formatted, data comprehensible through data visualisation, and strategies to convey complex information in intuitive and impactful ways.

SEO for escorts

with Natalia Violet

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for FSSW and escorts – is it a waste of time? In this workshop sex worker and SEO expert Natalia Violet explores how SEO can impact your business, how to implement and leverage search engines, and the shoulds and should nots. This was the type of workshop where all your questions about SEO were answered to demystify your understanding.

But most importantly, Natalia Violet’s SEO workshop dived deep to discuss if SEO is even worth it and if not SEO, then what other options do we have to garner more clients?

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