How to set up your superannuation

About this workshop

 In this workshop you will be guided by Financial Information Services Officer Justin Knowles from Services Australia (Centrelink). He will explore in a easy to understand way what is superannuation and what that means to a sex worker. We will cover the basics of different super funds and how to choose one, how to utilise it to save for your retirement, when you can access your super and how,  the different investment types and more.

Skills you will gain

How to assess different types of super funds

How to choose a super fund

Investment types you can utilise as a sex worker

The many different ways, schemes and programs to support you in contributing to your super, such as partner contributions

The basics of salary sacrifice and taxation relating to super

A look into the first home super saver scheme

What is conditions of release and how you can access your super

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“Justin has a broad knowledge on financial information and he is able to convey this information in simple terms for beginners and I appreciate that all the information he gave us was of a general nature.”
– Anonymous workshop attendee

About our expert presenter: Justin Knowles

Justin (He/Him) is a Financial Services Information Officer (FISO) with Services Australia. He has worked for the department for almost 20 years and has previously worked in banking, accounting, and auditing. In his current role Justin works with financially vulnerable people to improve their financial understanding and build financial self-sufficiency as part of the Financial Information Service (FIS). FIS operates on the principle that a better understanding of financial affairs gives more choices leading to a better lifestyle both now, and in future. The services FIS provides are available to everyone, not just those receiving government payments and services.

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