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Community Podcast

Sex work can be a tangled web of responsibility and risk, challenges and complexities. These turbulent conditions, unique to our industry, can make it difficult to know where to start.

Together with our guests we dive in and attempt to unravel the bureaucratic beast, offering a practical approach and direct action. Sometimes this is with industry experts, sometimes this is with other professionals from different fields. 

Our conversations aim to self-empower workers, nurture financial wellness and fill knowledge gaps. We’re all about capacity building: giving you the understanding, skills and means to break the cycle of dependence and instability.

We cover the big issues: intergenerational poverty, scarcity mindset, unstable income, financial exclusion, how to work safer, and more.

Our guests are all heart and nails, helping us ride tough subjects with grace and laughter, and leave us knowing a little more than yesterday.

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