Holistic Menstrual Health

About this workshop

 In this menstrual health workshop by Esther Ogilvie you will learn all the information AFAB members of society are never told growing up, on how to understand the changes of the body during the monthly cycle. In the workshop you will learn about the four different parts of the menstrual cycle, how to work through any women’s health conditions like Endometriosis, the importance of balancing hormones and more.

All the information we are never told growing up as women or AFAB members of society on how our body changes constantly throughout the month, how to understand our moods, physical changes and look after our body in nurturing ways. This includes sex and how we might relate to this through-out our cycle

Skills you will gain

The importance of balancing hormones, when it’s needed and how to do this holistically.

Learn about the 4 different parts of your menstrual cycle and the importance of how to cycle sync with these.

How to work through any womens health conditions related to these issues eg. Endometriosis, PCOS, or other hormonal imbalances.

What you can do to support painful bleeds and natural alternatives to surgery and hormonal contraception.

Womb healing for any trauma that might can be stored within our body in this area.

Date:  Tuesday  16th juLY
Time: 1pm-3pm
Location: Melbourne TBA

This workshop will be online .

Further details about location will be emailed to those who RSVP to attend

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About our expert presenter: Esther Ogilvie

Esther Ogilvie is a Holistic Trauma, Sexuality, and Somatic Embodiment Therapist based in Melbourne leading the charge in transformative healing. With nearly a decade of expertise, Esther guides individuals and couples toward empowerment by untangling the complexities of human experience.

Drawing from her mastery in trauma therapy, sexual embodiment, and somatic practices, Esther offers profound insights into the complexities of human suffering. Her deep understanding of issues like family violence, sex trafficking, and human trafficking informs her compassionate approach to healing.

Esther’s global impact and experience extends her reach across diverse communities, where she lends her expertise to foster resilience and growth worldwide. At the heart of her practice lies a commitment to creating safe, inclusive spaces where individuals can explore their inner landscapes with courage and authenticity.

Through workshops and therapeutic interventions, Esther skilfully navigates the realms of relationships (including ENM), trauma, menstrual health, intimacy, tantra, and kink, guiding participants toward profound connections and embodied presence. With a focus on nervous system regulation, she equips individuals with tools to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace.

Passionate about empowering individuals to reclaim their agency and vitality, Esther’s work in trauma, somatics, and nervous system regulation offers a pathway to profound healing and transformation.”

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