Trauma Informed SW 

About this workshop

In this workshop Sam and Lorraine will be covering what to watch out for in session that might indicate that a client is outside their window of capacity and ways to support them to move back into a state of regulation. This is an experiential workshop that will equip you with somatic tools to takeaway and experiment with in your work.

This workshop is a taste of the kind of learning being offered in the inaugural Interactive Erotic Educator Training. This course has been designed by five sex workers and sexological bodyworkers, each of whom bring their on unique skillset and way of working to support students in finding their own way in this new modality.

Skills you will gain

The basics of the neurobiology of connection.

How to start attending to the state of your client’s nervous system.

Ways to honour your own nervous system.

Simple strategies for inviting clients to co-regulate that can also be used online.

Finding flow and attunement in session.

Want the futureproofed version of this workshop?

We are working with our expert presenters to develop the best digital resources that capture this workshop. We will notify you once it’s ready👇

About our expert presenters:

Lorraine Pentello 

Starting out working in strip clubs in the north of the Uk in 1998, Lorraine has spent many years working in the sex industry in many different capacities. After training as a sexological bodyworker in 2015, completing their STREAM certification in 2018 and training as a trauma therapist in 2021, they now specialize in working with the effects of pelvic pain and emotional trauma on sexual function. 
Lorraine has worked with two way touch in many different capacities; Often blending lap-dancing skills, erotic massage, nervous system regulation techniques, somatic practice and trauma therapy to create interesting and extremely effective results. 

Sam Beer

A keen interest in all things relational led Sam to a career in sex work and somatic sex education in 2018. Supported by training in Sexological bodywork, somatic attachment therapy, interpersonal neurobiology and The Wheel of Consent, they have been geeking out on the nervous system, embodied eroticism and creating erotic contexts that support ongoing consent and communication ever since.

Sam works with clients in person, teaches classes online and now through the Interactive Erotic Educator Training will share the tools and framings they bring into sessions to help clients learn about their own bodies and eroticism and find more pleasure.

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